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Nothing is worse than gearing up for an after work sweat sesh than walking out the door and realizing the sun has already set. A leading sports clothing and accessory client reached out to us for a solution after recognizing a growing need for athletes to be visible during those late night workouts. The challenge was to actually knit the reflective yarn into stretchable, comfortable fabric. Together, we collaborated to fully understand their need to connect their brand to the early bird/night owl runners and cyclists.


Our in-house Fabric Scientists modified our current knitting mechanism to effectively integrate reflective prints and yarns throughout stretchable garments. Microscopic glass beads were firmly embedded into the surface of the yarn. When light is shined on the fabric, the surfaces created by the microbeads reflect back to the source. The glass beads generate an extremely concentrated light source that allows the fabric to appear brighter.


As a result, the client created a new line of reflective activewear that allows for nighttime visibility without requiring the athlete to wear additional accessories. Furthermore, the innovative fabric increases the safety for motorists by making it easier to recognize that an object on the road is a human being.

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