Spacer Keep your cool with wool

Keep your cool with wool


We’ve all been there. It’s the dead of winter, you’ve got cabin fever and you just want to be outside! You decide to go for it. You bundle up in multiple layers to the point where you look like Ralphie from a Christmas Story. Tons of layers are not breathable, flexible or fashionable. Thanks to xx those days are over. Sensing the opportunity to capitalize on an untapped market, the company asked us to create lightweight, breathable fabric with the ability to keep customers warm without feeling bulky.


Knowing the scientific makeup of spacer fabrics, we knitted wool into one of its two layers. Because wool is a natural fiber, this adaptation significantly increased thermal insulation without any change in the overall fabric density.


Adding wool to fabrics may seem a little bizarre, but its benefits are not. Wool is anti-microbial, flexible, moisture wicking and a body temperature regulator. We created [COMPANY] a line of performance driven activewear built to endure even the frigid conditions.

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